Monday, 10 February 2014

PETP : People for the Ethical Treatment of People

I am an ambassador for PETP. (People for the Ethical Treatment of PEOPLE)

Where PETA would have you believe that a Giraffe dying to provide food for Lions is somehow fundamentally against all morality, I would like to draw attention to this video captured in the wilds of Africa, of a giraffe being killed, by a lion, for food. People of a faint disposition should definately NOT view this video.

The Giraffe that was killed in the zoo probably suffered a quicker and more "humane" death than the animal in this video and I assure you that THIS goes on every day in the wild. I also do not condone selling the animal to a zoo or other organisation that has a poor record for animal welfare just so the animal could "live".

I find it absurd that people jump on a band wagon about a single animal dying and being used as animal feed while they stand idly by and make no comment at the many travesties against human beings and CHILDREN all across the world is ignored.

People are persecuted for the colour of their skin, their religious beliefs, their sexuality, their Gender and even what number pops up when they step on a set of weighing scales every single day people die for those reasons I have just stated and yet it goes on, unimpeded, unpunished and regarded as "the way of the world"

So for all of you sharing things like the PETA giraffe story or similar i say : Get a grip on reality, and shout about something that is truly worth your time.

If anyone is offended by this post please accept my sincerest indifference.