Wednesday, 8 January 2014

Happy 2014 people!

Just a little post to wish all and sundry a happy new year and a prosperous 2014.

Today is the day of my Wifes 20 week pregnancy ultrasound later today and we hope to find out the sex of the baby today. I am really excited, as is my oldest son Christopher-Jack who lives in scotland with his mum, despite constantly reminding him that the scan wasnt until january, roughly every week or so I have had facebook messages, texts, skype and phone calls asking if we know if the baby is a boy or a girl yet. The impatience of youth eh? Needless to say I will be posting later to let you know what happens at the scan.

2013 has been an eventful year for my family and I, good and bad. 2014 is already proving to be just as eventful, but that is for another time.

For now I am looking forward to todays scan and posting about it later today.

So for now, Happy New Year to all my family and friends and to anyone bored enough to read my little postcards sent into the electronic ether.