Wednesday, 13 November 2013

The first in a long line...


Today Ange and I went for the second attempt at a dating scan for our new little Webbo! I say the second attempt because first time the little peanut was tucked away in a nice cosy corner of Mummys womb and the Sonographer could not get the required measurements. Awkward little bugger!

I always get excited when it comes to having a pregnancy ultrasound, I think its amazing on so many levels. The very fact you can get a glimpse of the new life you helped to create, see the baby moving, swallowing and hiccoughing, while the baby is still within the first few weeks of its life. Having said that I am not the one struggling to keep a full bladder whilst being poked, prodded and even tipped upside down on an electric bed, so i guess its easy for me to see the romanticised side of the whole ultrasound scan scenario.

Ange has always found this particular stage of pregnancy particularly worrying for a number of reasons I wont go into here, this time was no different.  Along side the obvious worries that are abound in the first 12 weeks of pregnancy Ange has been struck down by the most awful early pregnancy nausea.  This added to the iron deficiency that has recently been identified via blood tests it has all added up to a pretty awful first trimester. Hopefully this successful dating scan marks the onset of a kinder and less stressful second trimester.

Here is the scan photo we got today.

The dating we were given is 13 weeks and 5 days today, which gives us a due date of 16th of May 2014. Happy days!

3D Ultrasound.

In the UK 3D scans are available if you are willing to pay for it.  Ange and I have always dithered about if we should shell out the cash for a 3D scan or not, but in the end we decided against it, not for financial aspect of it but for the fact that we think that its a bit of a gimmick. If you look at the price plans for the 3D scans that are available it ranges from reasonable(ish) for a scan and a photo to the stunningly expensive for scan with photo and a DVD recording of the 3D scan output with mood music in the background.
3D scans have their place in medical settings and as a diagnostic tool, but I personally find them a little spooky and a little bit of a spoiler. I love that moment when I get to see my new son or daughter and their face for the very first time and I feel that it is a little bit like shaking your Christmas presents trying to figure out what is inside.


Now talking of spoilers, I also love the guessing game of not finding out what the sex of the new baby is and also having to keep an open mind about names.  This is where Ange and I differ.  To say my wife can be impatient, is somewhat of an understatement! As such it has already been decided that when the opportunity arises at the next ultrasound scan we shall be finding out the sex of our new baby. If I am honest I don't really need much persuading when it comes to this subject, it gives opportunity for a bit of friendly butting of heads while guessing the sex of the baby.  I am voting Girl, Ange is voting Boy. Last time around with my youngest daughter Daisy I was convinced that my genes were going to give us a boy as I already have two sons from my previous marriage, both of which look like me, Ange was convinced we were going to be having a girl. My funnoisity of a daughter proved me wrong on the day of the second scan, and provided much smugness from Ange.

Downs Syndrome Screening.

Screening for Downs Syndrome is available in the UK and is offered to all pregnant ladies at the time of their dating scan usually at around 12 weeks. This is offered for a number of reasons, not least of which is to give prospective parents "The Choice". I am by no means anti-abortion and I make no judgements as I am truly a believer of women having the choice of what happens to their bodies. That being said we have decided to decline the screening, because the result would largely be irrelevant to us. Having a Downs Syndrome baby would undoubtedly be a challenge, but one i think we would be more than happy to cope with and enjoy.

Well folks hope you have enjoyed reading! Goodbye for now