Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Hi there and welcome to my Blog!

Hello there!

My name is Chris, I live in a medium sized town in Cheshire in the UK.  I have been married twice and have been married for nearly two years to my beautiful wife Angela. I have a two year old daughter and one more on the way, and from my first marriage I have two sons aged ten and eight who live with their Mum in Scotland.

In my Blog I will be keeping a kind of (publicly) personal diary of my life but I also intend to explore things that catch my attention and interest me, make me happy, or downright piss me off. Please don't get me wrong this is not going to be a rant blog but I find myself grumbling at people i know having a rant about things over Facebook so if I am going to rant about anything it will be here and not there.

I will not promise to be interesting, funny or even well informed, but I will promise I will be honest. This is my Blog, and as such it is my opinions, from my viewpoint, and sometimes the language employed may be colourful. I don't expect people to agree or disagree with me or even care what I think.

A little more about me.

I am 34 years old, and in my head i feel like a 19 year old boy, now i don't say this to seem young at heart, i say this because its genuinely how i feel. Its not that i like to go out drinking and partying with my friends, in fact i didn't do that very often even at 19. Its more that a lot of the time i feel like i don't know really what I am doing. That in itself really doesn't worry me, its just how I feel. It makes me wonder how schools and educational institutions can expect 13-14 year olds to make decisions about their future and figure out what they want to do with their lives when I couldn't do that even now.

I love music, its one of the best things in life. I'm no hipster, I have never liked a band "before they were cool" in fact a lot of my musical influences have been openly stolen from what my friends have exposed me to over the course of my life, in fact most from one friend in particular. My friend Tim has been a big influence on the music I have loved and loathed over the years, in fact I started listening to Level 42 and loving the driving funky bass lines Mark King smashes out of his bass guitar with the aid of his thumb and some gaffer tape due ti Tim lending me his Walkman (yes the one that played cassettes) with a Level 42 mixtape stuffed inside it. I started playing guitar at college at 17, then moved onto playing bass, and in recent years I have dabbled with Banjo and Ukulele. I am not an amazing guitarist, at best I would say proficient, but I do like to think I am a musician.

I am a Geek. I like Sci-fi, fantasy and Radio 4. I like reading, playing computer games and listening to audiobooks. I LOVE podcasts, i think its a medium that is totally free, both in cost and content, but that is another blog post for the future.

Well that is all i can think of for the moment so I am going to say goodbye for now.